The Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony employs about 2,500 members of staff, consisting of a wide range of experts, thus ensuring a high level of professional and multi-disciplinary competence (e. g., agronomists, foresters, geologists, geographers, biologists, legal experts and architects). The employees are located around Lower Saxony working in six departments (administration, subsidy programmes, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, LUFA Nord-West) at the head offices in Oldenburg and Hannover and in 11 offices in the state of Lower Saxony. In lower saxony  about 2.6 million hectares of agricultural and nearly 500,000 hectares of private woodland of acrage are used. About 53,000 agricultural and forestral enterprises are obligated members of the LWK Nds. The Chamber has also responsibility for about 4,300 horticultural enterprises, 50,000 private woodland owners, as well as about 160 mixed coastal and small deep-sea fisheries, 60 inland fisheries and about 150 aquaculture enterprises.

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