ADAS Group is the UK’s largest independent agricultural and environmental consultancy and provider of rural development and policy advice aimed at the two major issues of our time; securing food supply and enhancing the environment.  ADAS provides strategic applied research to support policymakers in national and regional governments together with a range of other stakeholders and regulators. Over many years, ADAS has supported the underpinning science and insight into agricultural practices expressed in the Government’s current diffuse pollution mitigation policies.  ADAS has been involved in the development of UK fertiliser policy including the construction of the software tools PLANET and MANNER which are extensively used by the farming community. ADAS has also been involved in many projects such as FARMSCOPER evaluating the impact and utility of diffuse pollution mitigation options and has developed a suite of computer models to predict agricultural losses of nitrate, phosphorus and sediment to water bodies. ADAS is a key contributor to knowledge exchange projects acting as a bridge between the research community and the end user. Such projects include the current Demonstration Test Catchment project and local stakeholder based projects in all 66 catchment sensitive farming areas. ADAS also has experience of working at an international scale through projects such as EUROHARP and VALERIE.

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