The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is the largest university in Greece. It comprises 10 faculties which consist of 40 schools and 1 single-School Faculty. About 73.930 students study at the Aristotle University with 2.024 faculty members. According to the university ranking of the international organization QS, it is the 2nd best Greek University regarding its educational and research performance and among the first 150 worldwide in environmental sciences. AUTH also works internationally including a significant number of EU FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects and other global projects.Within AUTH, the Environmental Pollution Control Laboratory is a continuously developing laboratory, with recently acquired modern analytical instruments capable of trace environmental analysis in various sample matrices. The Lab has been working on the field of analysis and remediation of emerging pollutants (pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products) especially in the area of surface European Waters, offering extended experience in the analysis of various emerging pollutants in the main Rivers and Lake systems of South Eastern Europe. The lab has also developed and applied educational programs related to water quality and use, especially designed for various end-users, such as students, farmers and civil servants.

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