Articles containing research results derived directly from FAIRWAY

  • Matjaž Glavan, Špela Železnikar, Gerard Velthof, Sandra Boekhold, Sindre Langaas and Marina Pintar. 2019. How to Enhance the Role of Science in European Union Policy Making and Implementation: The Case of Agricultural Impacts on Drinking Water Quality. Water 2019, 11(3), 492;
  • Klages, S.; Heidecke, C.; Osterburg, B. The Impact of Agricultural Production and Policy on Water Quality during the Dry Year 2018, a Case Study from Germany. Water 2020, 12, 1519.
  • Klages, S.; Heidecke, C.; Osterburg, B.; Bailey, J.; Calciu, I.; Casey, C.; Dalgaard, T.; Frick, H.; Glavan, M.; D’Haene, K.; Hofman, G.; Leitão, I.A.; Surdyk, N.; Verloop, K.; Velthof, G. Nitrogen Surplus—A Unified Indicator for Water Pollution in Europe? Water 2020, 12, 1197.
  • Nicholson, F.; Krogshave Laursen, R.; Cassidy, R.; Farrow, L.; Tendler, L.; Williams, J.; Surdyk, N.; Velthof, G. How Can Decision Support Tools Help Reduce Nitrate and Pesticide Pollution from Agriculture? A Literature Review and Practical Insights from the EU FAIRWAY Project. Water 2020, 12, 768.

Conference presentations containing research results derived directly from FAIRWAY

  • Boekhold, S. 2018. Balancing economy and sustainability: defragmentation of European policies to enhance the effectiveness of local scale water governance. International Conference Water Science for Impact 16 October 2018, Wageningen, NL
  • Hasler, B. 2018. Plans and results of the H2020 projects WATERPROTECT and FAIRWAY related to Water, Agriculture and CAP. Water and Agriculture – Addressing Diffuse Water Pollution through the post-2020 CAP. European Commission, Task Force on Water and Agriculture. 27 November 2018, Sorø, Denmark

Other articles in which FAIRWAY is acknowledged

  • Carvalho L., Mackay E.B., Cardoso A. C., Baattrup-Pedersend A., Birke S., Blackstock K. L., Borics G., Borjah A., Felde C. K., Ferreira M. T., Globevnik L., Grizzetti B., Hendry S., Hering D., Kelly M., Langaas S., Meissner K., Panagopoulos Y., Solheimm A. L. 2019. Protecting and restoring Europe's waters: An analysis of the future development needs of the Water Framework Directive. Science of The Total Environment, 658, pp 1228-1238. Open Access
  • Graversgaard, M., Hedelin, B., Smith, L., Gertz, F., Højberg, A.L., Langford, J., Martinez, G., Mostert, E., Ptak, E., Peterson, H., Stelljes, N., van den Brink, C., Refsgaard, J.C. 2018. Opportunities and Barriers for Water Co-Governance—A Critical Analysis of Seven Cases of Diffuse Water Pollution from Agriculture in Europe, Australia and North America Sustainability. 10(5), 1634; Open Access


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