WP5 Workshop 2 

On 17 April 2018, WP5 held a successful workshop at ADAS in Boxworth, UK. The objective was to demonstrate and discuss some of the decision support tools (DSTs) being applied in Europe to help farmers/policy makers/water companies promote good practices for reducing nitrate and pesticide pollution of surface water and groundwater. The following DSTs where presented:

  • FARMSCOPER, Wateraware, Slugaware and Check it out (UK)
  • Mark Online, Crop Protection Online, Farm Tracking, Kemitjek and Target Econ N (DK)
  • Catchment Lake Modelling network (NO)
  • Düngeplanung (DE)
  • Environmental Yardstick for pesticides (NL)
  • SIRIS (FR)

Some of these DSTs will be demonstrated and/or tested in the FAIRWAY case study sites.

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