New on »FAIRWAYiS - our sister website containing the main scientific results of the FAIRWAY project. This is one of a series of articles summarising the project deliverables. 

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»Evaluation of decision support tools

R. K. Laursen, F. Bondgaard, P. Schipper, K. Verloop, L. Tendler, R. Cassidy, L. Farrow, D. Doody, F. A. Nicholson, J.R. Williams, I. Wright, J. Rowbottom, I. A. Leitão, A. Ferreira, B. Hasler, M. Glavan, A. Jamsek, N. Surdyk, J. Van Vliet, P. Leendertse, M. Hoogendoorn, L. Jackson-Blake

FAIRWAY Deliverable 5.2

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