In May a successful 2nd Annual Joint FAIRWAY - WaterProtect National Stakeholder Group Meeting was held in Denmark.

2019 05 FAIRWAY WaterProtect meeting

Participants from farmers’ organisations, drinking water associations (DANVA and Aalborg Water), Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, the municipalities and water company in the case study areas together with the partners of FAIRWAY and WaterProtect (Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland and SEGES) discussed:

  • participating monitoring;
  • lessons learned from past groundwater protection projects;
  • consultants' perspectives on future groundwater protection;
  • consumers' knowledge about and attitude to water supply and water quality;
  • uncertainties in delineation of drinking water abstraction zones.

Thanks to the Aalborg municipality and Aalborg Water for hosting the joint annual meeting.

Rikke Krogshave Laursen

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