Aalborg, 20 - 22 June 2018

Aalborg meeting newsletter 1986 x 1293

Forty-nine members of FAIRWAY attended the second plenary meeting in the beautiful  Dronninglund Castle, Aalborg. Highlights included:

  • A joint meeting with WaterProtect, who held their own plenary meeting at the same time and venue, with an icebreaker (port from Portugal) and diner. Agreements have been made about working together, organizing workshops and communication/dissemination.
  • A field trip to farms, experiments and waterworks, with an active role of Water Supply Aalborg.
  • A training session about preparating material for dissemination by social media, concentrating on making infographics and videos to explain the FAIRWAY's key messages. The first infographic (Barriers and solutions in science and policy interaction) has since been released (see below).
  • All multi-actor platforms have been established and multi-actor engagement plans have been complied for each case study site.
  • First selections of indicators, measures to decrease nitrate and pesticide leaching and farm decision support tools have been made. More in-depth analyses will be made and results will be published in the coming months.
  • A questionnaire on the governance arrangements in the case studies was discussed with the partners. The government arrangements in the case studies will be carried out during three phases in the coming year.

Our grateful thanks to Rikke, the team from SEGES and our hosts at Dronninglund for organising such an excellent meeting.

Gerard Velthof

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