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Safe drinking water is vital for human health. Diffuse pollution of nitrogen and pesticides from agriculture is the main obstacle to meet drinking water quality targets.

The objective of FAIRWAY is

  • to review approaches for protection of drinking water resources against pollution by pesticides and nitrate, and
  • to identify and further develop innovative measures and governance approaches for a more effective drinking water protection.

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FAIRWAY wants to make the difference by creating impact on the ground in the different case studies and multi-actor platforms and in policy making at EU scale. FAIRWAY has set ambitious goals to evaluate the impact.

    Aim Realised
Products Reports (Deliverables) 16    
  Scientific publications   10  
  Phone-app 1  
  Infographics 15  
  Presentations on scientific conference 10  
  Films and videos 20  
  Harmonized data set 1  
Digital platforms Items on FAIRWAY website 75  
  FAIRWAY Information System website (giving access to main scientific results) 1  
  Newsletters 25  
  Facebook Page posts 50  
  Facebook Page followers 50  
  Twitter tweets 100  
  Twitter followers 100  
  YouTube channels 1  
  YouTube channel subscribers 15  
Cooperation between actors Number of meetings of multi-actor platforms 30  
  Number of farmers reached 100  
  Number of citizens reached 50  
  Number of meetings at EU level 5  
  Number of EU policy makers reached 30  
Impact Number of measures evaluated in multi-actor platforms 10  
  Number of DSS evaluated in multi-actor platforms 5  
  Number of agri-environmental indicators evaluated in multi-actor platforms 10  
  Legitimate governance arrangements developed and evaluated 3  
  EIP Water Focus Group established 1  

[to be done]

[to be done]

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727984


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